Artist Talk by Forensic Architecture (represented by Robert Trafford) / sk /

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Exhibition: Things we sense about each other

7.5. – 4.7.2021, Badischer Kunstverein / at /

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Ira Afanasyeva, Vahram Aghasyan, Lala Aliyeva, Stefan Bertalan, Anna Dasović, Ines Doujak, Ilkin Huseynov, Anna Jermolaewa, Adela Jušić, Susanne Kriemann, Mikhail Kurilov, Elturan Mammadov, Ekaterina Muromtseva, Jura Shust, Harout Simonian, Lucine Talalyan, Aleksei Taruts, Iulia Toma, Miloš Trakilović, Zip Group

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We Are All Emotional

Explore the ongoing series of interviews published throughout 2021 prior to the upcoming performance festival We Are All Emotional / cz /

The series aims to introduce the ten artists who will participate in the festival. The event was supposed to take place in November 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

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Martin Toldy

artist in residence May - June 2021, Slovak Republic // Ioana Păun, May - June 2020, Romania /

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5 - 30th of April 2021

Exhibition and research program around the last terra nullius of late capitalism, the continuum of atmosphere, from the sea level of the Earth to the interplanetary medium.

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academia (an exploratory journey)

Exhibition in the Oratory of the Kiscell Museum / hu /

The project academia (exploratory journey) is conceived as a subjective documentation of the scientific collections of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), in the form of images, videos, sound recordings and texts.

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Extensive Situation

Online events making part of the EXPERIMENT exhibition / sk /

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Cul-de-Sac Economics: Europe on the Brink of Climate Meltdown

ro /

Online lecture by Cornel Ban
(Copenhagen Business School)

Monday, 29th of March , 7:30 pm.

Link for the online event:

Moderated by Attila Szigeti

Science tells us that we are playing a pyramid scheme with the habitability of our Earth. It also tells is that we are getting close to the panic and unravelling stages of that pyramid scheme, with a stabilization of warming at below 2 degrees Celsius being our optimistic scenario. This reckless game is embedded in institutional complementarities that make it politically and economically costly to arrest the causal generators of environmental collapse. It seems that as a species we can’t help but have the greatest death wish of all.

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exhibition project / sk /

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What a body can do

research cycle on performativity / sk /

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Feminist (Art) Institution

seminars, lectures / cz /

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mutual education format / sk /

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The Space of Opportunity

Community based educational program and common space / hu /

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